Fashion; or, my lack thereof.

I wonder if I could pull off this look for daily wear in NW Arkansas?

Hell. I’d settle to just be able to occasionally wear it without having rednecks think the damn thing is a dress.

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12 thoughts on “Fashion; or, my lack thereof.

  1. That’s a bit long for a kilt. But I think you could pull it off. Actually may make me move to AR for the summer, just to be part of the posse. 🙂

  2. It only looks long because he’s wearing it low on the hips, the better to admire that gorgeous ass. So sexy! I love the look of a man in a kilt. Ugly Argyle socks would go perfectly with it. Not sure that Arkansas is a good place to try that look, though.

  3. You’re a tattooist. They’ll just think you’re being alternative. And if you’re taking pics, can we see what’s under it? (that was naughty to ask)

  4. Eric: “I wonder if I could pull off this look for daily wear in NW Arkansas?”

    Drew (aka “kiltmaker”): A resounding “HELL YEAH!”

    Dude! You’re a TATTOO. ARTIST. You can do anything you want. Rednecks schmednecks. Let your freak flag fly! I can’t imaging YOU ever letting the-fear-of-what-others-might-think get in your way. Not you.

  5. I know a man who wears a kilt right here in NW Arkansas. And he looks damn fine in it! Can you guess who?

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