Father, father…

My mom called me today on my cell phone while I was at work (immediately I thought “not good news”) and told me my father had a heart attack. Then she said she had to go and hung up. That was it. No “He’s alive”, “He’s in the hospital”, “He’s dead”, nothing.

I finally managed to contact one of my siblings who filled me in on what was going on. My father went to the doctor yesterday complaining about pains in his left arm pit. After running a series of tests they transported him to the hospital where they determined he had had a mild heart attack. He was kept overnight. Today at 2 PM they will be doing an angioplasty and something else (I don’t remember what it was) on him, then keeping him overnight tonight to see how he is.

My mom finally called back and told me the same.

I will be staying put in Arkansas for the moment. But if things go South for my father, I will be heading to Florida.

And I need to explain to my mom how NOT to leave someone on a ledge like that. I know she is going through a lot, but still.

UPDATE (5:10 pm):
Dad still hasn’t gone into surgery yet. Mom wasn’t sure what the holdup is, but they are waiting for the surgeon at the moment.

UPDATE (8:31 pm):
Dad is finally in surgery. He went in at 8 pm. Mom said she’d call me when he’s out.

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