6 thoughts on “For the Husbear

  1. It’s seasonal affective disorder. Or something. Only cured by walks out in bright sunshine!

    I order you to take two and call me if you want to.

  2. You’re not playing enough Wii.

    Cheer up! Are you sad because you’re getting old and life is passing you by like some cheesey sub-character from Star Trek?

  3. @cb:
    I stayed home from work today, and sat out in the sun for a while. Maybe I just needed a solar recharge?

    @Dead Robot:
    That could be… I don’t have one.

    I think I’d be Pestly Crusher.

    That’s definitely a no-go for me. There’s this whole thing I have about crowds.

    But thanks though! I’m upping my vitamin dosage and trying to get out in the sun. We’ll see what that does.

    I saw your post about bottling things up. I have a tendency to do that as well, but it’s rare for my cork to come undone. I’m sure that’s manifesting as part of this somehow.

    @Nick O:
    Maybe I’ll have to go out and buy one. That’d be the first exercise I’d have had in who knows how long.

  4. Oh, yes, exercise. I’ve heard it’s very good for this sort of thing. I wouldn’t know, as I sit around depressed and don’t move like I should.

    As for Disney, try going in late October or November before Thanksgiving week. Crowds typically aren’t bad then. Used to be that way, anyhow.

    I know that discomfort around crowds. When I’m bad, I can’t be out where people are. Especially going to the big box stores, that freaks the hell out of me. Does it bother you when you have to go to work there? I’ve been pretty good recently. Knock wood. I hope you feel better soon.

    And no, there’s no “snapping out of it.” Depression doesn’t work that way. So don’t feel bad if you can’t snap out of it. That’s not how it works. Hang in there, doll.

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