Well, it’s at least a post… right? I had a reschedule at the studio today, and I decided to look in my drafts folder and found this post I started. So I thought I may as well finish it.

Spo posted this on his blog a long time ago. Almost a year ago actually. And as I feel I have nothing going on mentally these days that I feel worth writing about, I’ll play along.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing that it takes forever for me to fill one of these things out…

Four names I go by:

  • Most everyone calls me “Erik”;
  • the Husbear calls me “Baby Bear”;
  • … and I really don’t have any others (at least that people call me to my face of which I’m aware).

Four tunes I adore:

Four things I hate:

  • Lantana;
  • being naked;
  • my inherent awkwardness in most social situations;
  • stupidity.

Four places I have worked:

  • My father’s plant nursery in Florida;
  • Shoney’s Restaurant (as a waiter) in Searcy, Arkansas;
  • the Oppressive Great Retail Empire, aka Wal-Mart (both at store-level and the Home Office);
  • a gas station (third-shift fuel desk jockey).

Four things I love to watch:

  • Train wrecks, figuratively;
  • Porn, but I give it the “Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment, so it’s more for comedy;
  • Cloudy and colorful sunsets;
  • Humans.

Four places I have visited: (I’m adding “that have impressed me enough to want to go back”)

  • Oglala National Grassland, near Harrison, Nebraska. But only when it’s in bloom. The smell is incredible.;
  • Santa Rosa Island (near Pensacola Beach), Florida;
  • Glacier National Park;
  • the Vieux Carré.

Four things I love to eat:

  • Broccoli and Velveeta cheese;
  • Easy Cheese and Ritz crackers;
  • deep-dish Pepperoni pizza;
  • cheap, plain hot dogs with mustard.

Four favorite drinks:

  • Sweet Tea;
  • Beer;
  • Jager (as of late);
  • a good Bloody Mary.

Four shows/plays:

Four things I am happily anticipating:

  • Our next Fourth of July week walkabout trip;
  • finishing the never-ending bathroom project this Spring;
  • driving Meowington (my Jeep) through mud puddles after a rain;
  • my next tatto, whenever that may be.

Four things I am dreading:

  • This election cycle (too late, I know);
  • Idiocracy” actually coming true (too late again, I know);
  • Any dental appointment;
  • Getting an injection/shot.

Four items on my bucket list:

  • Learn ASL;
  • Learn to be comfortable in my own skin;
  • Learn to play the banjo or the cello;
  • Finish filling up my below-my-clothes skin space with permanent doodles.

Four people I think will respond:

  • I’m pretty certain everyone on the Internet has already done this…

Until next time...

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