Terry pointed me to this today—a product called GoateeSaver.

I shit you not…. Go over and watch the video. I’ll wait.

I actually like their logo!

I laughed when I first saw this. Then I started thinking… (damn it!).

I honestly have to say I think this seems like a great idea. Do you know how many times I’ve had to shave off LARGE portions of facial hair when the razor decided to do it’s own thing on my face? (Because it does—it has a mind of it’s own!)

And the inventor is an Arkansan from Little Rock. He’s actually ON TOUR right now showing off his product and blogging about it.

I feel the need to introduce him to the gay community. Think of all the facial hair that can be properly groomed with the use of this tool.

Maybe I should order one….

Edit: I added the picture of the product in use, just so you could see it here!]

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9 thoughts on “GoateeSaver…

  1. Honestly, makes sense. I would have potentially tried the goatee thing a bit longer if it wasn’t such a shaving pain in the ass. I could see how people would dig this big time.

  2. it looks orwellian
    of perhaps some sort of bizarre chastity belt for gay men
    on the other hand I know a few people I would like to see wear one – 24 hours at a time.

  3. I have the same problem with my beard. When I shave off too much on one side, I just wait for it to grow back. It’s too much of a pain trying to keep the two sides even otherwise.

  4. First reaction: Mouth open. Disbelief.

    Second reaction: Nervous laughter.

    Third reaction: outright laughter at the fact that this guy looks like he stole the idea from a Lesbian dental dam.

  5. other than it looking rather unwieldy, it is a cool idea. The reason I shaved off my goat last time was because I ducked up a trim job

  6. damn it. this thing is ridiculous…and yet how many times have i had to get rid of a goatee due to razor error! he’ll probably make millions.

    wonder if i could invent a mask that would give you one of those chin strap (aka complicated boyband facial hair) things i hate so much…..hm…..

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