25 thoughts on “Gratuitous sweaty belly picture.

  1. Mmm… very sexy and suggestive. šŸ˜› You know… we should talk sometime. I have been wanting a tattoo, but I am paralyzed with finding the PERFECT tattoo (for me). And I am a little skeered of needles. LOL.

    1. I have my moments… šŸ˜‰

      You probably won’t believe it, but I’m scared of needles too. As far as finding the perfect tattoo, that’s definitely something you have to ponder for quite a bit.

  2. Wow! I almost choked on my cherry coke zero when I opened up this page. Very nice belly there, and haha on the comment you responded to someone asking why there would be people interested in your feet…. in this day and age there isn’t a body part that isn’t worshipped by someone out there, no matter how odd. But anyway, thanks for the torso pic, and not in a creepy Jeffrey Dahmer kinda way either, haha!

  3. OH DEAR LORD JESUS HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL…THAT’S H-O-T, ERIC!!! We may be good friends and all, but I still must say that is one VERY SEXY pic.

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