I come home tonight to find this has happened to my blog:



Lucky it didn’t appear to be to serious. Or so I hope. Someone had managed to replace my theme widgets with something that overwrote my header and made it display that mess.


I changed the both the wordpress database, wordpress login, and FTP passwords to even more complex password than I used before. Here’s hoping that’s all it was. Which in itself is worrisome.

*double sigh*

And apparently the fucker(s) who did it has been busy. Just Google for “hacked by yilm4z.tr” and look at all the sites that come up.

According to the log files I keep, options were updated in my database at around 6:46pm. Luckily, I was able to unmodify what was changed.

So if any of you came to my blog around that time or later, you would have seen that mess.

This has not been my week.

Until next time...

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