Happy 25th, ST:TNG!

25 years ago today, we were blessed with the first episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. And it created for me a deeper love of science fiction that has lasted to this day.

I present you with this appropriately timed parody!

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13 thoughts on “Happy 25th, ST:TNG!

  1. I loved TNG at the time, could never quite love DP9 and wasn’t a fan of the Voyager until they brought on 7 of 9.

    Looking back, still not a fan of DS9 and I can only tolerate about half of the TNG shows. Voyager has held up the best for me and they had by far, lightyears far, the best season finales and the absolute best series finale. Their season and series finales were better than any of the TNG movies too.

    1. Voyager is by far my favorite series in the franchise. From the very beginning I was in love with the series. An unknown part of the galaxy with all new aliens. A female captain. A stranded crew. Trying to get back to the familiar. Love it!

      I didn’t like DS9 when it aired. And failed to watch it past the first season. But last year I gave it a second chance and watched them from start to finish. As horrible as it sounds, I think it topped ST:TNG to me as a great series. The first two seasons were a little iffy, but after that the story arcs were incredible.

      There were many ST:TNG episodes that I thought would have been better movies than any of the movies they did. I was actually disappointed by almost every movie, with the exception of First Contact.

    2. Crap. I forgot to mention “Enterprise”. Which I actually loved, until it got cancelled so they did that crappy last episode. I liked that we got to explore and be there at the beginning of the Federation, to see what it took for humanity to take it’s place at the adult table.

    1. I was 14 when it aired. And the only character I really identified with, sadly, was Wesley Crusher. Lord help me.

      Now that I’m an adult and have watched most every series multiple times, ST:TNG had a lot of good stories, but overall wasn’t my favorite series in the franchise.

  2. I too am a STNG fan. What I mostly liked about the series was unlike the first where Spock was ‘odd man out’; everyone in the 2nd was ‘odd man out’. They had four formulas for plots; but they worked them well.
    And I loved Data, had the hots for Riker, and sometimes try to channel B. Crusher when I need to be patient with my patience.

    1. I think it was those four plot formulas that actually made me not like the series as much as an adult rewatching them. But any episode that had an almost naked Riker in it was good enough for me.

      Have you watched DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise from start to finish?

  3. I enjoyed ST:TNG when it first started out but it lost me around season 3. And believe it or not, I liked clean shaven Riker. I could never get into DS9, but I really liked Voyager.

    1. Clean shaved Riker? Wow! I didn’t see that coming. I’m definitely a fan of bearded Riker. Especially when it was beaded Riker and his “twin”. I would have loved to have been in that sandwich!

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