Happy Birfday Husbear!

May 4 is the anniversary of the day the Husbear was expelled from the uterine cavity of his mother. Such a wonderful description for a birthday, isn’t it?

Happy Birthday Husbear!

Everyone please wish him a Happy Birthday, either in a comment here, or better: post something on his Facebook wall or send him a message there.

Ain’t he purdy?

And to my Husbear:

Any idea where the year went?
I think I missed it,
Running around in circles,
Taking care of stuff…

And I wonder…
Did I love you enough?
Did I look at you and really see
The remarkable man you are—
And tell you how lucky I am
to be married to you?

Well, it’s about time I did
Because I am, you know…
I am and I do and I will—
And I hope you know it.

Happy Birthday

Until next time...

14 thoughts on “Happy Birfday Husbear!

  1. YAY! Happy Birthday to him! I wish for him all the best!
    What do you have planned? Nice night out? Nice night in?
    I like the dedication…

  2. happy birthday to the husbear! the poem was so cute i may have to borrow it….apparently i lack the romance gene.

    hope it’s a raging cinqo de mayo for you guys!

  3. I got your husbear a piece of ass for his birfday… But you’re gonna have to deliver it for me. 😉

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