Happy Birthday to my Husbear!

Today, May 4, is the annual anniversary of the day the Husbear was expelled from the womb of his mother-unit.

I’d appreciate it if everyone would please wish him a Happy Birthday, either in a comment here on my blog, or better yet: post something on his Facebook wall or send him a message there. Or maybe all of the above!

The Husbear (click to see it on flickr)

And to my Husbear:

Happy Birthday, Husbear. You’re just as young to me today as the day we met almost 13 years ago. I love you so much!

Until next time...

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Husbear!

  1. Please give your handsome husbear big birthday wishes and hugs from me (assuming he doesn’t mind affection from strange men, that is.)

  2. Happy anniversary of the day Erik’s Husbear was expelled from the womb of his mother-unit!

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