Happy Sweet Zombie Jesus Day!

… or whatever the mass-consumption created reason for today is.

Alien vs. Easter Bunny
Alien vs. Easter Bunny

It’s totally about Cadbury Creme Eggs for me. I’m going to eat enough until I vomit. And then eat some more.

After they go on clearance tomorrow.

Until next time...

8 thoughts on “Happy Sweet Zombie Jesus Day!

  1. I could never get into Cadbury Eggs. Or peeps. Or Chocolate bunnies. I’d be content with leftover Halloween candy thrown into an Easter basket.

    1. I like Peeps too, but don’t eat them that often. And the really inexpensive jelly beans that have a 1/8″ shell sugar-coated shell on the outside of them. Mmm….

  2. Cadbury eggs, yum! My gym is closed today so I’m gonna take an exercise hike in a park trail to kinda balance the cadbury eggs I’m gonna eat today.

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