Happy Thanks-taking!

Said to and about me by a straight co-worker yesterday after someone said “Happy Thanksgiving”:

“For him it’s more of a thanks-taking!”

That’s what happens when everyone knows you’re a bottom….

So to all my friends and readers who celebrate the day—“Happy Thanks-taking!”

Until next time...

15 thoughts on “Happy Thanks-taking!

  1. I’m taping Macy’s Parade so I can watch it tonight after work… I feel so Canadian today… But Happy Thankstaking to you my friend. Enjoy your day

  2. That picture is so odd, yet fascinating.

    BTW, if it weren’t for us bottoms, a Top is only a Top in name only.

    Happy Thanks-Taking!

    1. People tend to ask a lot of questions where I work. And I feel more than obliged to answer them.

      And sometimes they don’t ask at all and I offer answers anyway… heh heh.

      Happy Thanks-taking to you as well!

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