Hi-Fi Friday: December 11, 2015

Blobby got the theme pick this month, so he threw out some choices, and I kind of steered him in a direction. And that direction would be songs released on soundtracks, and as Blobby stated: “music that appears / appeared initially on soundtracks. not cast offs from other albums that ended up on a soundtrack.” I think I can manage this one. At least better than last month’s.

David Lynch. People either love him or hate him. I’m a late lover. Or a lover late to the scene. Most people know him because of his films and television shows. I know him originally from his paintings. Did you know he was a painter?

But hey, this is about music. And while I’ve not seen the 1997 movie Lost Highway (yet), I do love the soundtrack. And one of the songs is Nine Inch Nails’ “The Perfect Drug”. And oddly enough, lead singer Trent Reznor is not a fan of this song. And the band has never played live to this point.

I like it, so that’s all that matters. And bonus points for creepy video.

Even if the lyrics are a little lacking, it has a good “feel”.

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