Hi-Fi Friday: December 25, 2015

Blobby got the theme pick this month, so he threw out some choices, and I kind of steered him in a direction. And that direction would be songs released on soundtracks, and as Blobby stated: “music that appears / appeared initially on soundtracks. not cast offs from other albums that ended up on a soundtrack.” I think I can manage this one. At least better than last month’s.

Before Danny Elfman was Danny Elfman the composer, Danny Elfman was singer and songwriter of the 80s new wave band Oingo Boingo. Both the band, and Elfman, have a very distinctive sound: you can hear one of the pieces and just know who it is. At least I do, in their case.

I still don’t really know the origin as to how Elfman became involved in the “Weird Science” movie project by John Hughes, but he did. And out of it came the theme song to the movie.

It’s a catchy tune. And one that definitely always reminds me of the movie.

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