Hi-Fi Friday: January 22, 2016

I guess I kind of picked out the music theme for the month. Hopefully Blobby agrees with it. At some point in a previous discussion, he brought up the idea of popular artists doing old timey music. I love old timey music. Well, I guess it depends on who is defining old timey music. Or if you’re a Doctor Who fan, old timey wimey music. I enjoy listening to music from the 1920s to the 1950s. To me that’s old timey music. So I’ll be focusing on songs by modern artists who have more-or-less either covered or been inspired by a song from that time zone. Hopefully Blobby will be able to run with this. Hopefully I will as well.

This category ended up being more difficult than I imagined, for me. I think mostly because I don’t have as many popular artists doing one-off old timey songs as much as I do artists who do all old timey songs. So I’ve been racking my brain trying to find entries.

In 2014, pop singer Alecia Moore (aka P!nk) and alternate rock artist Dallas Green (aka City and Colour) teamed up as You+Me to produce what I would call a folk album, titled “rose ave.” Most of the songs have a strong folk base to them, but seem to definitely bring in some of the pop feel. You can go sample it on iTunes if you want.

The title track “You and Me” feels very Appalachian old timey to me. Possibly almost country. But I like it.

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