Hi-Fi Friday: August 12, 2016

Blobby picked out the theme for this month. I was expecting Hell after my last choice. But he went easy on me. For now. Mostly because he’s got a busy month. So I’m still expecting payback at some point. That’s how Karma works, right?

Blobby picked “numbers”: the song must have a number in the title. Not the word ‘number’, but an actual numeric digit of some kind. Blobby thought about telling me I can’t use the numbers 1 or 2, as he assumed that would greatly limit my selections. But I have other numbers.

I’m sorry this is late. I had a full day yesterday only to come home to the power shutting off not long after I got home due to a fire somewhere that took out the main electrical supply for our power company. /joy

Of course you had to know there would be at least one The B-52’s song here.

I give you “6060-842”, from there debut 1979 album “The B-52’s”:

This is also the passcode on my phone at the moment. 😉

Until next time...

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