Hi-Fi Friday: January 20, 2017

I picked the theme for this month: 80’s songs that make you cringe. And Blobby‘s correct: I did select the theme and emailed it to him while inebriated gambrinous on the streets of New Orleans. It’s what popped into my head first, so I ran with it. Unlike other things I’d like to have been popping in my head while in NOLA.

And Blobby seems to be picking songs I like. Hmm…

I don’t know what it is exactly about this song that makes me cringe, but it does. Maybe it’s the synth. There’s a lot of songs with synth that don’t bother me through. Maybe it’s the weird echo singing. There’s a lot of songs with that too that don’t bother me. Maybe it’s just me, judging by the comments on my last few of these…

I give you Animotion’s 1985 song “Obsession”:

And did everyone in the 80s dance like that?

Until next time...

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      1. It was women who (I thought) only had shoulder pads. I remember buying my mother sweaters from The Limited which had them. But it was “in”. Are they even around anymore?

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