Hi-Fi Friday: July 15, 2016 edition (and a make-up for last Friday)

My turn to pick the music selection this month. I suggested to Blobby, “How about songs mentioning tattoos. But that were performed before 1990.” I only suggested before 1990 as there are a plethora of songs with that subject after that time. At least ones I know that Blobby may not.

Blobby appears to have had problems with my selection being too specific. So I’m probably going to get Hell for that the next go round. Sorry Blobby!

This was the last song on Smokey Robinson’s “Pure Smokey” album from 1974. I don’t know how well it did, but considering I had never heard it before until one day when I was listening to some weird Pandora station, I doubt it fared well at the time.

Smokey Robinson’s “A Tattoo”:

And for last week’s edition, I give you Siouxsie & The Banshees “Tattoo” from 1983. This was the B-Side for “Dear Prudence” single.

Until next time...

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