Hi-Fi Friday: October 28, 2016

Blobby went with title songs for this month’s selection. Or the track selection with the same title as the album. He also opened it up to a lyrical phrase that is the title of the album, while it might not be the title of the song.

And this is the last one for me for this month. So hopefully I’m making it a good one. We could probably do this for an entire year and not run out of selections. Hmm….

I’m not sure if Blobby is going to let this one slide or not, but the album title is in the song title, but not fully the song title.

Confession: I went to see them on this tour. And enjoyed it. And have seen the lead singer perform here in Bentonville twice also. Doing the same songs. And if they’re ever in the area I’d go see them again. Just for the memories.

I always liked the delayed progression of each instrument entering the song at the beginning. And the bass line roll through the song. And the lyrics aren’t terribly horrible. For a hair band song.

I give you Poison’s “(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice” from the 1990 album “Flesh & Blood”.

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