How think do you drunk I am?

This is what I felt like all day today after nearly finishing off a liter of Crown with my Buddy last night.

Spinning world…

I know I should be “more responsible” on a work night, but I have to prepare my liver for New Orleans.

The Husbear is already packed for our annual pilgrimage to Southern Decadence.

We were originally going to leave Wednesday night after I got off work from the GreatRetailEmpire and start the drive to New Orleans.

The Husbear is getting impatient and now wants to leave a day earlier.

I’m betting when I get off work tomorrow Tuesday] the Husbear will have everything in the car and be ready to leave….

Until next time...

10 thoughts on “How think do you drunk I am?

  1. With your new camera, I expect the hairy ass shot quality to increase 100%. also the drunken hotel room orgy shots should be 60% less blurry. I want to see a 43% increase of beads-for-dick shots. And finally, your random hot guy shots must increase by 33%.

    You have your assignment. That is all.

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