Husbear Update, Friday

I posted part of this on Facebook earlier today. Everything checked out at the doctor today. The Husbear’s right leg is still pretty swollen. And bruises are starting to manifest on both legs and a few other places.

He’s trying to be a little more mobile, getting himself around the house with the assistance of a quad base cane, albeit slowly. And quite uncomfortable looking to do, I might add. Today he also tried to not use the cane on occasion.

His right foot was a lot more puffy tonight. Cabbage Patch doll feet puffy. I don’t know if he had his leg up as much as he should have and that’s the result, or it’s just his body working it’s thing. We’ll see how that looks in the morning.

He says he’s so bored and going stir crazy. I have a feeling I’ll need to tie him down before this weekend is over. I told him if he was so bored he could watch “Doctor Who”. He said he wasn’t that bored. Humph!

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14 thoughts on “Husbear Update, Friday

  1. Thanks for the update, glad to hear the docs see nothing out of the norm for the injury. It takes time to heal. Sounds like his sense of humor is intact. Don’t tie to tightly.

  2. I just read your posts about Robert’s accident. This is scary stuff, I’m really glad things turned out as good as they have. I’m sending you both wishes of healing and patience. The Husbear is a lucky man in many ways. (Especially lucky to have you in his life).

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