11 thoughts on “I can’t decide: keep the beard, or try some other configuration?

  1. Ok I am just a married 50 year old school librarian in New Jersey but since you asked…. keep it. I love it.

  2. I like it– but I’m all for being “facially experimental”.

    How about a tack back? Or a droopy porn stache and soul patch??

  3. I almost always have a beard but, like Cb, I keep rearranging the fur. I’ve found that as I’ve gone through life, the structure of my face has changed; styles that looked good on me in my 20s and 30s don’t look so hot now and vice versa. I’ve now got a fairly closely cropped Franz Joseph and am getting compliments for it.

    I love beards. I have this thing for guys with interesting facial hair.

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