Monday, April 6, 2015 at 2:30 am

I will never set foot in Bourbon Pub again…

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I will never set foot in Bourbon Pub again, and will do everything in my power to continually spread the word about how my group was treated in this establishment. I have been coming here multiple times a year for over a decade. This trip, for Easter, we brought a straight couple with us who hadn’t been here before. She got up to use the restroom, and someone, later found out to be an “off duty staff member” (later identified as Artie Serra, who was way over served) decided to jump up and start dancing on her seat. When our friend returned, the “staff member” wouldn’t give her the seat back, and when we asked what’s up, she and her boyfriend were told to leave the bar by security with no explanation. On top of that, a woman who identified herself as the owner (shown seated in this picture, who we later found out is just a manager named Carla) who was herself inebriated beyond belief, started calling us “fucking faggots” and several other derogatory slurs. At a gay bar, no less. So much for supporting your customers and you community.

11 thoughts on “I will never set foot in Bourbon Pub again…

    1. This is the first time in the decade+ that I’ve been going to NOLA that I’ve ever seen that happen. What kills me more is that it was a group of the Pub’s staff that were causing the issue to begin with.

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