Don’t ask me why I was thinking about this today, but I was. Probably because I’m slightly morbid. That, and I tend to dwell on stuff like this.

But I am surprised that Apple doesn’t have an option to include an ICE number on the iPhone’s Emergency Call screen.


Considering most “sane” people set a PIN/passcode to lock their iPhone, no responder would be able to access your contact information. So if you’ve labeled someone in your contacts with ICE, the responder is never going to see it.

If you search in the App Store, there are a bunch of apps that let you input your ICE information. But again, they don’t really do any good if you iPhone is locked.

Some of these apps give you the ability to output your information in the form of a picture that you can set as your wallpaper on your lock screen. Lame. But in reality it’s really the only solution at present. Short of not locking your phone.

Why has this ability not been added? After all, it’s been 4 years since Apple first released the iPhone, and we’re up to iOS 5. Has this request not ever been suggested? Hey Apple Inc., how about making the ICE button an option? It seems like this would be a little something that would make a lot of emergency responders (and the people they’re responding too) lives a lot easier.

Or I could just carry a card in my wallet with that information on it.

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  1. I like your button idea. Just in case the lock isn’t enough, it should come with a feature that auto deletes or moves to a “safe” place your browser history and any other pics or info you don’t want seen when the button is used. FSM help my momma should she see my dirty pics when a cop hands her my phone. If it wasn’t serious before, it sure would be after. ;). Or maybe I should just use my phone for making calls…

  2. It’s so funny you said this. I have 3 ICE contacts and have for years. But it was last week when I thought “no one can even frickin’ view these”.

    Maybe some one will come looking for my body when I don’t show up for things – a week or two later.

  3. I customized my own iPhone lock screen about a year ago to include an ICE number. I’m with you: surprised Apple hasn’t made it a standard option yet. Perhaps in iOS 5.1?

    1. I see so many people with locked iPhones (and other phones as well), that I’m surprised the paramedics haven’t “demanded” some sort of ICE info from them all.

  4. Hmmmm. Never thought to lock my phone. Too many children with too many questions about what I could be hiding. Therefore I don’t save anything. Then again, never thought to add an emergency number. Learning lots from your blog!! LOL

  5. If something happens to me… I have no idea who my emergency contact would be. Hopefully someone that would clear out all my damning porn.

    Unfortunately I think it would be more efficient for them to just set off a small EMP device in my condo.

  6. 1) I love your wallpaper. If anyone’s going to comment on this, it’s going to be me.

    2) My nearest emergency contact is a robot dog. that’s probably worrying in itself.

  7. The ability hasn’t been added because Apple don’t care. They just want you to come into their stores and empty your wallets buying up their products. They’re too busy planning the follow-up to Angry Birds than to actually invest time in something that would be practical.

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