“If it can be straddled, it’ll get the job done.”

While I don’t agree with everything they say and sell on their website, this is taken from the latest T-Shirt Hell Newsletter:

If it can be straddled, it’ll get the job done.

We’re all a little too desperate to categorize both ourselves and others. Forgive me if this sounds like new age douchery, but maybe we’re not gay, straight, bi, or any other label that designates sexual preference. Maybe we’re all just a bunch of idiots who like to cum.

When you were twelve you would get a boner because you weren’t properly situated in your chair and your pants were a little tight. Does that mean you like to fuck pants? No – It means pretty much anything will get the job done downstairs and we all care a little too much about what’s fuckable and what isn’t.

I agree with most of that from my observations so far of humans. It all seems to depend on who is around and watching in relation to how horny that same someone is (and sometimes what quantity of alcohol said human has in their systems).

While I do think some of us are certain of what gets us hard and what doesn’t, I think there are a vast number of people out there who would (and do) fuck anything they can get their hands—or other body parts—on… or in.

And then there are some who I wish would. Or at least would me.

As Sorted would put it: “I’m just sayin’.”

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5 thoughts on ““If it can be straddled, it’ll get the job done.”

  1. Okay, I’m just sayin’ cause…

    who humps a bridge?? MARYELLEN!!!!! Did you get caught AGAIN and that is why ANOTHER sign went up? Kind of like when you thought it would be cute to stuff yourself in a box and FEDEX’ed yourself to Seattle? Or that time when you thought you could save time by blow drying your hair while STILL in the shower.

    People in bad eyeware want to know. mmm-kay? 🙂

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