I’m “Least Douchey”?

I was made aware by Mr. Reaser that the iPhone photo I took of myself a while back made it onto the Manhunt Daily blog today website [NSFW].

They have a poll going over who has the best tattoos. Which, I think is oddly ironic considering it’s what I do for a living. I wouldn’t say I have the best tattoos on the planet, but I do love the tattoos I have so far.

I’ve refrained from commenting on the blog so far, but it’s nice to know my wedding band is a turn off, and I’m apparently “the least douchey”… which still implies I’m a douche. For my choice in phone technology, no less.

I am actually curious what other ink Mr. “D” has on his arm. It’s sadly blocked by his forearm, but I see just a hint of it.

Update, 10/05/2010 @ 7:40 PM: I just had a realization: I’m 37 years old. I’m betting the other three are probably 21? Can you tell this is weird to me?

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16 thoughts on “I’m “Least Douchey”?

    1. Thank you for that. I guess it’s good to know I’m not manhunt “material”.

      Although I do have a wee bit o’ product in my hair there. Maybe that’s what makes me douchey?

  1. I think the first two guys are just plain ugly. The last guy is okay but not my scene. I was just surprised to see you there.

    Also, I think the wedding band is the opposite of a turn off!

    1. I was DEFINITELY surprised to see my mug there. Especially with that line-up. Maybe I’m the token otter.

      Although that whole Sesame Street skit of “One of these things (is not like the others)” keeps playing through my head.

        1. I’m sure I’ll just let it slide. It seems most of those posting seem to be in their 20s, or at least that’s where I’d peg their maturity rate at least. I’m sure they have better things to do than listen to an “old man”. 😉

  2. #1 (top left) total douche. Someone needs to explain to missy that flipping oneself off for a self-pic was funny once, in the eighties.

    #2 (top right) he snapped off a quick pic with his tricks phone and got caught.

    #3 (lower left) hot!

    #4 the trick from #2 returning the favor. :p

  3. Anyone with your good looks and incredable facial and body hair could NEVER be a douche!
    You do not belong with those hairless boys. You should have been shown with other hot hairy men. (you still would have been the hottest)

    1. Thank you Thomas. I did find it odd that I seem to be the only one with body hair. That whole Sesame Street thing of “One of these things (is not like the others)”.

      Although I had a realization tonight: I’m 37 years old, the other three are maybe 21. I think I’m okay with the comparison. I think….

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