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  1. May I ask a question?

    I hope you said, “yes”, because here it is:

    Your right leg appears to be rather hairy. Your left leg where your tattoos are does not appear to be hairy at all.

    So do you shave where the tattoos are? And doesn’t it feel weird to have one shaved leg and the other not?

    Too personal? Just hit delete. I don’t mean to offend at all.



    1. You would be correct on the shaving in this case. But I don’t normally shave my leg. Or anything else for that matter.

      I had just re-tattooed the area around the DNA helix the day before (I’m lightening it, actually). Which is why my leg is shaved. And which is why I have the low-tops on.

  2. Curious: why must you have to shave your leg for a tattoo, but not shave your goatee for a piercing? wouldn’t you need to shave for both?

    Kudos to you for being able to wear non-clown sockless shoes. That would so never happen in my house unless we all wore gas masks.

    1. The biggest reason for shaving the location before a tattoo is to stop the hair from being embedded back into the skin by the tattoo process. That could lead to potential infection, among other things.

      As for a piercing, I don’t know a I’m not a piercer. However, from the ones I’ve had, a plug of skin is removed with the piercing needle, so any hair would typically go with it. As for the piercings I had on my lip, those were actually done from the inside out. 

      I’m usually a sock guy. But the only thing that really make my feet stink is leather. Everything else seems to just be… stink-less. 

      1. I was thinking the same thing..but I didn’t want to be a scary internet perv….I’d much rather be a perv to you in person…;)

  3. No, Sean… it’s lewd to me too… at least that’s what my weiner says. Great legs… I vote for you kicking the shoes off and retaking the picture 🙂

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