8 thoughts on “Indiana Jones and the Where Do I Get My Money Back

  1. “Their treasure wasn’t gold, it was knowledge. Knowledge was their treasure.”

    Words cannot express the rage I felt when those words were uttered. Seriously? Fuck you, old man.

  2. @Dennis:
    I don’t know what the hell has happened to Lucas and Spielberg as of late, other than I think maybe they both suffered massive strokes. And Ford agreed to do this piece of crap?

  3. I have to disagree. It felt like an Indy movie through and through.

    The comic is funny – and everyone should be allowed to poke fun at Lucas – but the idea of aliens and man-eating bugs isn’t really so absurd within the context of an Indy film. Certainly, they aren’t any more absurd than pissed off spirits who melt faces, or pulling hearts out of people and showing it to them, or 600 year old knights chillin’ out in a cave with the Holy Grail. Don’t even get me started on mine-cart rides or huge perfectly spherical boulders.

    Okay, maybe the Tarzan crap was TOO over the top.

    But over the top is what you expect from an Indy movie, and KotCS delivered. Not the best film of the series, but a solid entry.

    By the way, what age were you when you first saw Raiders? It was a little before my time; I was about eight during my first viewing. I wonder what an eight-year old who say KotCS would think?

    Nostalgia is such a magnificient bastard.

  4. Oh no! Was it really that bad? I have to admit I wasn’t the greatest fan of Temple of doom and the last crusade but I read some reports before it came out that it was going to be like raiders of the lost Ark so I was excited about that. I don’t think I will go out of my way to go to the cinema then to watch it.


    Just got back from seeing IRON MAN, and that movie ROCKED. That was new and exciting and not full of 20 year old cliches. It’s time for both Lucas and Spielberg to retire because they are not where the magic is any more.

  6. @Nick O.:
    Nostalgia is wonderful. I hate when it’s fucked with. 😉

    I don’t remember when Raiders came out, but I know I watched it over and over on Beta when my dad bought it. I thought it was the coolest movie when I was younger. I was disappointed when I saw Temple of Doom at the theaters—mostly because of the annoying woman in it. Last Crusade definitely made up for it in my opinion.

    I actually loved Iron Man (well, aside from some talking from someone in the theater during the movie) and I had NEVER EVEN read the comic. I saw it with my IT co-workers—and of course they loved it. It was a good story that kept my attention the entire time.

    Crystal Skull, on the other hand, had me wishing I had a watch to look at to see how long I had until it was over.

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