Interesting Conversations I Have

This is a text message conversation I had with the AlphaForager. Keep in mind, the AlphaForager is a straight buddy of mine from work, so this whole conversation started out odd…

AlphaForager: I need your help with something that a man of your particular taste could help with.
Me: Umm….
AlphaForager: I need a picture or pictures of a guy that potentially looks like what I would if I lost weight and got ripped. If that makes sense?
Me: Clothed?
AlphaForager: both? I can throw some shorts on naked ones. I need motivation material to eat right and work out. Visualize what you want to be kind thing.
Me: Ah… Gothca. Lemme dig through my collection. I would think the guy from “the shield” is close?
AlphaForager: I think I would be a little bigger but you know the male b ody more than I.
Me: LOL… One would think. I’ll see what I can dig up…
AlphaForager: Just email me whatever you find.
Me: Will do!

Now I have to sit down and start perusing the porn for a reason!

This might be close?

[Edit: The AlphaForager was knew this would be posted.]

Until next time...

9 thoughts on “Interesting Conversations I Have

  1. If he turns out that way after all the workouts…..perhaps he’d like to sample the food on the other side of the buffet table? Hmmmm?

  2. @DeadRobot and @bstewart23:
    I think I need to move to Canada… seems to be an abundance of hot men up there.

    Oh, and I’m surrounded by them at work, so I feel it an obligation to do my part to better society 😉

    I don’t even want to think about that… would be like walking in on one’s sister having sex.

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