I’ve Moved!

Well, the digital me has at least. If you can see this, then my move from my old web host to the new web host went well.

Back in October, I discovered my current web host was going out of business. I asked for recommendations, which many of you offered. Based on J.P.’s recommendation, I ended up choosing MacHighway. While I’m not a Mac guy in any way, I do like the fact that the servers are wind powered.

I first moved a couple of my “static” business websites over to them to see how that went. After not seeing any real issues, I decided I’d take the big leap and move this site over to them as well.

Which was a little more challenging.

MacHighway has excellent documentation on moving from one host to another, and all the things you need to do to make it work. I ended up having issues with both methods they document for moving WordPress sites, so I ended up doing it my own way. Which worked. 😉

As I write this post, I see a few minor things I need to figure out what’s going on with. But for the most part everything looks like it survived the move.

Until next time...

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