The 1938 Phanton Corsair

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Sadly, it was a prototype that never went into production. More information available at this Wikipedia article.

Of course, I would have to add a short mohawk/fin to the roof though. And maybe a little neon embedded in it for that nice “glow”.

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6 thoughts on “I.Want.

  1. Le Sigh! Back when they knew how to make cars! I also love the … Atlantics? At least I think that’s the name.

    Anything with curves and fenders, baby!

  2. @Romach:
    It’s definitely a sweet looking ride! They need to make more cars like that… for real life, and not the movies.

    I didn’t make that association until you said that. It is very “Batman”-esque, isn’t it?

    Ah… the Bugatti Type 57. I love the pairing of the curves to the straight lines on both the 1938 Atlantic and the 1936 Coupe.

    Me too!!!

    @the replicant:
    Steampunk rules. I had to go look up Circuspunk. I’m behind the times… but to me “proper” Deco has never gone out of style.

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