Level This.

First up, I want to apologize to all my readers and to all the bloggers I follow. I’m really behind on reading, and I feel bad for it. I just seem to have so little time these days. Hopefully I’ll get caught up soon. I miss y’all!

But on to my life. Since it’s my blog and all…

The never-ending bathroom remodel project: it still continues. Hence the “never-ending” part.

This weekend’s project was to level the concrete floor. Once that’s done, we can start the Sheetrock! Then paint. Then lay the tile. Then instal the fixtures. Then use the bathroom! No more outhouse! I kid. We don’t have an outhouse. We’re not that high-society. 😉

I had to put a primer on the existing floor last night when I got home from the tattoo studio. Something about it having to cure for 5 hours, but no longer than 24 hours. And I think it might have made me a wee bit high. Luckily it was 70 degrees here last night so I opened all the windows in the house to air it out. And then I had to put on a second coat.

I’m surprised I remembered any of that. 😉

Then came this morning. Time to level the floor!

First, add 5 quarts of water to the 50 pound bags of stuff. Then mix for 2 minutes on high.


Guess what happened next? Dead. It Burned up. The magic smoke came out of it. Fuck! This stuff sets in about 15 minutes. *grrr*


After another trip to Lowe’s, a more industrial drill was procured. At much cost. Oh well, a new power tool for me!


The Husbear poured in the batter while I licked the beater. Wait, that’s a different song. He poured the batter while I mixed. Teamwork!


Mix, mix, mix. It’s like a thick pudding. That you really wouldn’t want to eat.


And yes, I’m barefoot. It made it easier to walk through the pour zone. That way I wouldn’t ruin any of my Chucks. Fashion, people!

And 9 bags later, the “leveled” bathroom floor. I think it was 9 bags. And that “leveled” is in quotes because guess what…


It’s not level. Yet.

We’re going to have to do another coat after this, as there are a few spots that just didn’t make level.

It’s always something.

Until next time...

6 thoughts on “Level This.

    1. I can’t imagine three. One is challenging enough for me. Then again, I guess our two businesses I tend to remodel could count as the other two.

      Luckily, no outhouse. Yet. 😉

  1. Keep at it, and you will be finished. I come from a long line of procrastinators on home remodeling projects – I think 40 years is the record for one project in my family – you are ahead of that.

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