Don’t you just love waking up to an email alert from your bank showing your account is in the negative? Seriously in the negative.

Which is what happened to me Monday morning.

So I jump online to look. And this is what I see:

Someone has a serious caffeine issue...
Someone has a serious caffeine issue…

WTF #1? I don’t even like Starbucks. And to charge $790 to them?

Some asswipe hacker got a hold of my bankcard number somehow and decided to load a bunch of Starbucks stuff on it online. And a few other online retailers as well.

All of which made my personal account go seriously in the red. Big time.

Luckily my bank was like “Woah! This isn’t something Erik would spend money on.” and locked out my card so no other transactions can be created at least.

Which I am now dealing with through my bank. Apparently the bank has to let the transactions process through before they can even do anything about them. WTF #2?

Which also means my legitimate purchases that were made, as well as my pending online bill pays, more than likely won’t clear. So I’ll be tracking those down to get those taken care of and hopefully avoid fines and fees from them.


First this, and then my blog gets hacked. And I’m one of the most technology paranoid kind of people on the planet.

I’m still attempting to determine how both these incidents occurred.

Until next time...

4 thoughts on “Loathe

  1. So sorry to hear this Erik. Hope you get it sorted soon. All the banks I’ve ever dealt with have been really good about handling this type of fraud and getting the money returned ASAP.

    And your website? OMG, I wouldn’t even know where to begin if that happened to me.

    1. They’ve started the credit back process today. Three days later.

      It just blows because now I have to re-do all those bill pay things that were linked to my bank card account. Which is even more a pain in the ass.

      The website was a surprise. Because I’m super, er, anal, about passwords. I have no idea how they hacked it at all. Still. Luckily they didn’t nuke my site entirely.

  2. Ouch! I hope the bank can get its — and your — act together quickly and with the least stress for you. Something on a much smaller scale happened to me some years ago and once the bank and I had squared away which charges were legit and which were fraudulent, the bank took over and I was never bothered again.

  3. When this happened to me, the bank just let me review each purchase as it came in for a couple months. In the meanwhile, I switched everything over to the new card number and it all came through fine. Hopefully your bank will be equally accommodating.

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