May 22, 2003

Had a slight “fire” under the hood of my Jeep on the way home from work today. The wire to the brake lights overheated (?) and melted the rest of the wires where it was bundled in the wiring harness. So, the electrical components stopped working (after all the smoke had cleared!). Luckily it happened as I was pulling into the Wal-mart SuperCenter parking lot. I was able to yank the melted wires out and replace them with some wires I purchased inside. Not a neat job, but enough of a patch for me to drive home, or so I hoped. But the Jeep wouldn’t start–totally dead. The Husbear came to pick me up, and just for grins we tried to jump start it. Wouldn’t you know, it fired right up! Seems the battery was toasted too–which we think is from an overload while trying to jump it a few days before when I was working on it and the battery drained from not charging enough. Guess that adds a new project for me…

Until next time...

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