“More Than Skin Deep”

I made it into the regional newspaper today. Well, some pictures did at least.

In the Religion section, no less. Irony.

It mostly touches on things I discussed in this post.

I’m working with the writer on obtaining a digital copy of the article to post here, but in the meantime, if you click the pictures you can kind of read the article.

Until next time...

28 thoughts on ““More Than Skin Deep”

  1. Cute picture of you! My squinty eyes prevent me from reading this article-as-image on anything but the jumbo monitors at home, but it looks like you got great coverage. All publicity is good publicity by its very definition. Good on ya!

    I concur with your thoughts on the Leviticus passage as well. I never did understand the ‘for the dead’ part, and I also get irritated when people insist that these things written in a dead language AND culture over TWO MILLENIA ago have anything whatsoever to do with me, today, here and now.

    1. Especially free publicity! 😉

      I still wonder why people continue to follow writings that are thousands of years old that were written by another culture entirely.

  2. You’re famous!

    On a side note… I especially like the ad in the lower right corner of the second page for “fireworks at the crosses”… it all just sounds a little too much like a KKK event to me.

    1. I don’t know about famous… but I do have a blog. 😉

      As for the KKK and that particular pastor, that’s a long story in these parts.

      And his church is a prime example of why I vote for taxing religions:

  3. One of the reasons I decided to start getting tattooed with images I designed myself was to get in touch with a non-Judeo-Christian spirituality. I was lucky in my two major tattoo artists and have never once regretted being inked. Congratulations on the public recognition!

    1. Thank you.

      And I really enjoy hearing when individuals bring in their own designs that have meaning to them. Too often it is just some random design they found on the Internet that has no meaning or thought behind it for that person.

      1. I was looking for a meaningful tattoo years ago and decided on my dog Bailey’s paw print. I brought an ink pad home from work, put his paw on it then stamped a piece of paper. I defined it, filled it in and took it to one of the best tattoo establishments here called “Urge”. They did a great job and even though Bailey has been gone 8 years now I have a permanent memory on my calf. I thnk of him everytime I look at it.

  4. Sweet! I love my new tattoo… but, then again, I’ve been wanting it for 26 years. Now all I can do is think about what I’m going to get next! 🙂

  5. Well some consider getting tattooed like being a part of a religion so I guess it can technically go in the religious section of the paper.

  6. This does not surprise me; throughout Time men and women have used piercings and tattoos for religious and spiritual means.

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