My 666th Post!

My favorite number.

Probably more because it strikes fear in people than for any other reason. I LOVE when a transaction rings up to that amount, and the cashier freaks out about it. Really people? It’s just a freaking number. Are you that buried in Christian dogma that you’re afraid of a simple number—and what now is probably the wrong number at that?

One of my first Arkansas automobile tags was actually “TRC 666”. I quietly giggled when the DMV lady handed it to me. She actually apologized to me that she couldn’t skip numbers. It seemed fitting for a little red sporty car with black tinted windows.

I kept the plate.

What makes it even better? My 666th post somehow managed to fall on a Friday the 13th! How is that for some sort of weird cosmic timing?

Add to that the awesome Perseid Meteor shower going on outside to boot!

I think it must be har məgiddô.

I was going to have this post publish automatically at 7:06, which is 6:66, but I thought that would be a little… much.]

Until next time...

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