My Hard Drives Are Good!

Hooray! The porn is safe! And so is all the music, my “personal backup” DVD collection and my other documents as well.

Before heading to the tattoo shop this morning, I slaved both of my hard drives into the Husbear’s computer. (I was trying to keep myself preoccupied in an attempt to stop thinking about the hangover I had from a night of drinking.) Both disc drives are totally accessible! All my zeros and ones are exactly where they should be, plus or minus a quantum fluctuation here and there.

Tonight I will tackle getting my email back up and running.

I left the 500GB porn drive slaved in to his computer. I’m sure he wouldn’t like to be without his porn until I can get around to building myself a new computer.

Yes… you read that correctly: I have half a Terabyte of porn. One could call it a hobby. Really I’m just attempting to archive all the great Internet porn before it gets deleted by the Religious not-Right.

Maybe I’ll soon build that home media server to back up all my bits to. And then I can stream porn all around the house!

And in honor of the drives being good, I’ll leave you with this picture…

Until next time...

17 thoughts on “My Hard Drives Are Good!

  1. Sharing porn is one of life’s greatest pleasures, other than the other parts which are instantly gratifying.

    Glad you’re up and running!

  2. Priorities man. Priorities – gotta save the porn! Speaking thereof, some half-nekked pics of your and the husbear posted wouldn’t be a bad idea. 🙂

  3. Porn, shmorn, this post is all about the devastatingly hot photo-man. Whew! Also? I may be closer to finding The Right Tatt for me. Courtesy the aforementioned, devastatingly hot photo-man.

  4. It’s why I finally went out and bought a 500GB external hard drive and keep anything important on that. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost music and pictures. Oddly enough, I have NO porn on my computer. Something must be wrong with me.

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