Since I have nothing creative going on in my mind (I blame the weather and this time of the year) I am taking the suggestion that Urspo provided in my last post:

Time to pull out a ‘do this when I can’t think of anything to blog’ activity –
ask you fans to ask you a question you will answer for them. jolly good fun.

So… what would you ask me?

Update: I’ll either post the answers in the comments section following your questions, or create whole new posts with answers if the question elicits a long response from me.

Until next time...

25 thoughts on “Nada?

  1. Got a work question for you… if I drive down on a Saturday for some ink, what are the odds you will be already booked up for the day? Would it be safer to make an appointment?

    1. My first thought would be a number one hit with “Africa“… but that would be the incorrect “Toto” in this case.

      I guess the fracker’s just lucky he didn’t get eaten by a flying monkey.

    1. Deng Ming-Dao said “Death is the opposite of time.” Time is also thought to be a human concept invented to separate events. I tend to believe that time is change, so the opposite of that would be a constant. Death is a “constant” for the one it is directly applied to, so Deng Ming-Dao’s statement would be accurate in that respect.

  2. Without naming names or incriminating tattoo type (if you can), what was the worst tattoo:
    1) you were asked to do
    2) where your skills failed you
    3) That made no sense at all

    1. 1) you were asked to do

      I was asked to do this as a tattoo on someone:

      I refused. I think it was the fact that someday this guy would have to explain this tattoo decision to his grandchildren that bothered me.

      2) where your skills failed you

      I was asked to do a rendering from the Book of the Kells on someone’s arm. They had awful skin that didn’t take ink well, and it ended up not looking well. To this day I feel it was the ugliest tattoo I have done, not because of style, but because the piece in itself didn’t lend well to a tattoo. I should have stuck to my guns and refused to have done it.

      3) That made no sense at all

      There have been several that made no sense to me as to why someone would want to have that tattoo permanently on their body. But each person has their own story….

  3. Are you happy? Content? If not, what’s the one thing that would make you that way?

    I’m always surprised at peoples answers.

  4. Is there one chore around the house/property that your Husbear won’t do, that you would love to have him do, what is it and why won’t he do it?

    Do you make your bed every morning?

    Have you ever made love with your socks on?

    1. Paperwork. I have done the business and personal finances since we’ve been together (11+ years). I have grown tired of it. I know it’s a necessary evil, but it would be nice for him to offer to do it. He says I wouldn’t like the way he does it, so he thinks it’s better that I continue to do it.

      I’m usually not the last one out of bed in the morning, so no, I don’t make the bed every morning. The one day I am the last one in bed, I sometimes make it and I sometimes don’t.

      I’d prefer it. I have “old man feet” and don’t like to see them.

  5. Eeek!
    I have been off line for a few days, rollerskating after buffalo herds

    My question is – what are your dreams – what is it you are longing for ?

    1. By dreams I’m assuming here you are referring to goals, hopes, etc. since you also ask what it is I long for and not to the movies my brain shows me at night.

      I can’t say that I have ever been one to have or be driven by dreams, goals, etc. I’ve always been the person who meanders from one thing to the next with no real objective in sight.

      Most of what I have done over the last decade has been a result of the Husbear having goals to which I have helped with or acquiesced to. I guess if I had to say I had a goal it would be to just help others with their own happiness.

  6. To you, what are some great things about being gay and what are the downsides to being “hetero challenged”?

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