Nightmare Death

I woke up at 2:39 this morning from a nightmare.

I was in the upstairs bathroom, sitting on the floor for some reason. (I don’t remember that what led up to that moment in the dream, but I know there were “chapters” before that moment.) From out the window I saw some teenagers (that I don’t recognize) walking down the hill towards the house. They rapidly turn around like they were jolted by something they can see that I can’t. As they are turning away, someone comes into focus in the window. I don’t know who it is. But they are pointing a pistol at me. I tried to scurry behind something, but he kept tracking me with the pistol, then shot. Everything went dark. I woke up immediately.

What the hell?

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6 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. Spooky dream buddy, very spooky. I hate nightmares. Is there a particular problem or situation you are trying to dodge at the moment perhaps? I have a reoccurring one where I am in Auschwitz concentration camp In Germany and I am in the gas chamber waiting on the Nazis putting the gas in to kill everyone. I always wake up scared shitless just as the canisters of gas are chucked in. As soon as the lights go of and I hear everyone screaming I wake up! Eiain has to hold me tight so I can go back to sleep. Bloody weird! I wonder do foods cause these bad dreams we have. I hate nightmares!

  2. @Romach:
    That’s a scary nightmare as well!

    I’ve had more nightmares than “normal” dreams as far back as I can remember. So bad that I was medicated in college and even taught a form of dream control by a psychologist to help me. The dream control works for the most part, but it only helps me wake up usually before the dream gets to far along. Then sometimes I totally miss and have a nightmare like this.

    I definitely don’t eat that late. And definitely nothing spicy.

    I have no idea. I wish I could figure it out.

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