11 thoughts on “Nothing is ever just black and white

  1. Now this? THIS is what I find sexy! Love the ink. Love the cap. Love the full goatee and stubble. Love the leather. Love the fur. Love the idea that he would probably fuck me in half.

  2. Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah Baby – now we’re talking. Let’s hope a sequined purse doesn’t fall out of his mouth when he speaks. There’s nothing worse than a butch looking man who says the word “hello” with ten “esses”. LOL

  3. @RG:
    I hate when that happens as well–which seems to be the case plenty of times for some reason.

    A whole lot of “outie”!

    I wish I had it in color… because for some reason I’m betting he is a redhead.

    Okay boys… break it up. Or at least post wrestling pictures!

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