One more “Ugh” and I’m done complaining.

Last complaining post for a while. I hope.

After arriving at the Tulsa airport and then hoisting it to the baggage carousel of love. We wait. Finally the luggage starts puking it’s way out of the metal esophagus after doing A.T.M. on the plane. We have two bags. Among what appeared to be 300 other people’s luggage. The third piece of luggage out was one of ours. Then we wait. And wait. 15 minutes of waiting while luggage is regurgitated from the plane’s belly. The last piece of luggage off was our second one. How did that happen?

We then stroll out to the parking garage to retrieve our car. Which won’t start. The battery is dead. Do you know how hard it is to get a jump start at almost midnight? I finally managed to get in touch with airport security to get a jump.

Jump done. Now there’s a door open light on. All the doors are closed. Grrr. I get to a gas station to refuel and look at the hatchback. The cargo net has somehow wedged itself into the locking mechanism leaving the hatchback in an “open” state. Which means that the overhead door lights had been on since we left a week ago. Which explains the dead battery in the car.

And the drive home was 2 hours of London-esque fog.

I think yesterday was the worst travel day I have ever experienced.

Okay. I’m done now. I’ll post happy thoughts and pictures as I retrieve them from the temporary camera.

Until next time...

5 thoughts on “One more “Ugh” and I’m done complaining.

  1. I don’t know how you’ve remained so calm, especially after go go going. If this were me, I’d have written an expletive laden post on the pointlessness of existence.

  2. @Dennis:
    I was trying to remain calm to keep the husbear calm. He’s not the most patient person in the world. And yesterday was a definite test of both his patience and

    Although a post on the pointlessness of existence would be pretty good too.

    I didn’t think either of us really had hair most of the time. 🙂

  3. I am glad you guys made it back. I bet that after all the hassle you guys went through you are glad to be back too. I am going to Canada with my step dad (who has only flown once about 20 years ago)next month. Hearing all that you went through I am thinking about shipping my luggage UPS so the airline wont have the opportunity to lose it. I hope that the cargo net is laying on the ground in Tulsa or in a place where it will not cause any more dead batteries 🙂 I hope that your family will not give you too much crap about not visiting. I understand firsthand when you wrote “they can make the effort too” in the post about not visiting them. Good for you..

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