The Kitchen

Kitchen, Before:

Kitchen before. Kitchen before.

As you can see from the pictures, the kitchen was in a pretty sad state. For the Husbear, this is the most important room in the house, since he’s always wanted a well-designed, fully-functional kitchen that was built the way he wanted it. So we spent a lot of time designing the “perfect” kitchen for him.

We started by pulling out all the hodge-podge of cabinets, the lone light fixture and remaining appliances, and then pulling up the linoleum from the floor and the paneling that was on the walls.

I then ran additional electric outlets (there was only one in the whole kitchen!). And I extended the wall the sink is on an additional foot to account for the dishwasher we would be installing, and then put up new sheetrock. We painted the kitchen a color called “Cricket Green,” with cobalt blue and white accent colors. We then laid down new floor tile. After that, we installed new cabinets, countertops and appliances.

We still have a few finishing touches to do for the kitchen. We’ll be turning the area that’s currently the laundry room into a pantry (one can never have too much kitchen storage space!). And, we still haven’t found a hood for the stove that we like. We may just end up having one custom made.

Kitchen, After:

Kitchen after. Kitchen after.

Until next time...

October 1, 2002

Well, since I’m such a handy-man (snicker!), the Husbear and I have been doing a lot of renovations around the house. So far, we’ve gutted the living room and redone it, and we’re now almost done with the kitchen and dining room. I’ll have some before-and-after pictures on here before long, I hope. The only big problem with being out here is the internet connection–there isn’t one. Well, there is, but it’s via dial-up, and only up to 33Kbps! Argh!

Until next time...