Pastel Sky

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago.

click to see it on flickr

Something about the sky mesmerized me at that moment. So much so that I pulled the truck off the road to take the picture.

It almost looks like an pastel or pencil artwork.

I think I might have it enlarged, and hang it in the studio.

Until next time...

5 thoughts on “Pastel Sky

  1. I think it’s because the contrail is below the upper cirrus and it looks VERY 3-D. Normally the sky just sort of looks like it could be two dimensional

  2. Isn’t this the sky writing for the new series “V”. Which is a remake of course. Here in Orlando they are going to sky write big letter V’s to kick off the series. They may have been practicing in your area. Look’s like a big “V” to me. LOL

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