Patterns in hair…

Well, one pattern in particular. I can’t decide what to do with my facial hair. It’s always changing, mostly because I get bored and start playing with it. Then it usually ends up looking like something I regret for a while until it grows back. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Full Beard:

Extended goatee / tailback:

Goatee and Mustache / Van Dyke / candado:


Soul patch / imperial / mouche:

What say you, the reader who has to look at my mug on occasion when I post a picture of myself on here?

Until next time...

30 thoughts on “Patterns in hair…

  1. Don’t care, as long as you’re nekkid. 😉

    But seriously (like I wasn’t serious), I like you with either just the goatee or the soul patch. They’re both hot in my book.

  2. I tend to prefer the clean lines, so I will go with the third and fourth. The last one gives the impression that it is imcomplete or that something is missing. 🙂

  3. All are spankable. I personally like the tailback and have done it a few times (I can’t grow a full beard between jaw and sideburn for some stupid genetic reason), but the husband wants me “neater” for family events.

  4. You look completely different with the tailback. Not bad, just different. I you look good with all of the styles except the soul patch and, honestly, that’s mostly because of my dislike of soul patches in general.

  5. @All:
    Thank you all for your comments so far. It seems that most of you favor the Goatee and mustache combo and—surprising to me—the full beard.

    Oh, and it seems like many of you prefer me nekkid as well… 😉

  6. Full beards capture and retain more scents while making love. Therefore, for purely practical reasons, I favor them.

    And they tend to make me stupid with lust.

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