Pic a Day in May: Day 29

The shine, m‘s eyes have it.

She and μ have been kind of needy since we came home yesterday. μ was mewing on and off most of the night, something she never has done before. And m has pretty much been attached to my hip. I’m not sure what’s up with them.

Jim of Jim’s Stuff started his own version of the “Pic a Day in May” challenge. So I thought I’d go ahead and give it a shot. It’s not like I can really think of anything to blog about these days anyway. So we’ll go with my life in pictures. There’s that whole “a picture is worth a thousand words” thing anyway, so that just means I need to write less. 😉

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10 thoughts on “Pic a Day in May: Day 29

  1. There is something going on… our dogs have been weird the last few days and other things have been weird… maybe the world is going to blow up soon…. arghhh…

  2. Are these older cats? Starr is now somewhat over 16 years old and is far more clinging after we’re away for a time than she’s been in the past. We’ve seen it developing over the last year in particular.

    1. They’re young. They were born in September 2009. It’s just an odd behavior for them to have developed all of a sudden. And both of them too.

  3. Maybe you are just so lovable that the usual cat aloofness can’t withstand it. Or you are such a great dad they want to be near.
    The night time talking is something to wonder about..but if they seem fine otherwise, I think there is nothing to worry about.

    1. I don’t know that I’m that lovable. And I know it’s not because I feed them, as we have an automated feeder for them.

      I think they may just be psycho jungle cats.

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