Pic a Day in May: May 7, 2014

And this is what happens when I find one of the stylist’s phone left in the shared breakroom…

Crazy eyes. And crazy hair.
Crazy eyes. And crazy hair.

Of course, she one-upped me and posted it on Facebook. 😉

Jim of Jim’s Stuff started the “Pic a Day in May” challenge two years ago. I did it then, and last year, and felt like I’d do it again this year. Since that’s all I pretty much post these days.

Other bloggers that I know of who are playing along:
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Until next time...

6 thoughts on “Pic a Day in May: May 7, 2014

  1. how would you know i’m playing along. you wiped our your feed to say you’ve ‘read’ your blogroll’s posts while admitting you had NOT done so.

    I smell something fishy.

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