Pic a Day in May: May 7, 2015

The Husbear left me a little present this morning…

Flat. Very.
Flat. Very.

So nice of him.

And to make things better, I couldn’t get two of the lug nuts off to be able to put on the spare. The last tire place apparently over-torqued them. I had a partial can of fix-a-flat that I attempted to use, but it didn’t even do anything. So I had to fill it up with the air compressor at home, and drive into town before it ran on the rim again.

Jim, formerly of Jim’s Stuff, started the “Pic a Day in May” challenge three years ago. I’ve done it each year, and will continue since that’s all I pretty much post these days. The only other bloggers that I’m aware of who are also doing this are Blobby of Blobby’s Blog and Patrick of Pac’s Pad.

Until next time...

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