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While I’m going through the pictures that I did manage to get while on our trip, I thought I’d post at least one to hold you over.

“Feel the flow, here we go, through the Universe of Energy”

Leave it to me to be the one to NOT take normal pictures of anything.

Who uses an online photo hosting service? And what do you like and not like about said service? I’m looking for recommendations (for the photo hosting, cb…).

Until next time...

11 thoughts on “Picture Pages…

  1. Its a great shot, and I know exactly where you were standing.

    I don’t use a hosting site, just my blog. It limits the places my pictures will be found.

  2. @Mike:
    I updated the pic with a caption so others might figure it out. 😉

    @Mike and @kyle
    I’ve been using my own web host so far. I just wondered what others were doing. I was thinking of using flickr for other needs…

  3. Flickr is brilliant buddy. Nearly everyone I know uses Flickr and you can make any pictures private or public etc. It is free and its very easy to manage. Love the picture. My husbear Eiain, takes nearly every picture like you too. He likes a lot of his pictures to be that little bit different. I love the picture by the way.

  4. Looks like Flickr it is. I’m working on uploading more stuff to my old account that I had there.

    Just you, Alexander, just you. 🙂

  5. Late to the party but I recommend Flickr, too. It’s free if you want no-frills and terribly reasonable if you want advanced features like different albums and customizability and whatnot. And the sidebar widgets are, as you have obviously discovered, pretty cool.

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