Poke Something into Your Eardrums!

I think this counts as my first “official” video post. Well, a video post that was at least purposefully done as such.

Ugh. My voice. And am I really that twitchy?

I’m not sure if I’ll do another one or not, but who knows.

There are actually a few other videos of me taken while I’ve been getting a tattoo, or tattooing, or a combination of both, all of which you can find under the tag “Videos of Me“.

Until next time...

32 thoughts on “Poke Something into Your Eardrums!

  1. Nothing wrong with your voice and, possibly an outline or somewhat developed essay on a particular point of interest would focus the video and reduce any ‘twitchiness’ (e.g describe and tell the stories about the ducks on the shelf behind you; what’s the story with the Hiroshige print etc.). You are on your way!

    Decaf is your friend. 😉

    1. Decaf? I might as well just drink water then. 😛

      I’ve never been one for public speaking, in fact, I failed it in college. But you have given me a few ideas to think about as far as my next attempt at a video post. Thank you!

  2. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!! I LOVE getting to see and here my blogger buds in live action! Please do more as the mood hits. (See how good and well behaved I was? I didn’t even mention how sexy and adorable you sounded 🙂

    1. Maybe we can start a trend and get other bloggers to do a video post as well, so we all know what everyone sounds like.

      It seems like there’s been enough demand that I will in face do another one of these video posts.

      And you were very well behaved. 😉

  3. Your voice is just fine. You might be twitchy. Or it might be my slow, out-out-outdated PowerBookG4 (which I partially abandoned for my now stolen MacBook).

    1. Watching the video, I’d have to say it’s me and not your PowerBook. But maybe your “partially abandoned” PowerBookG4 was feeling jealous and made your MacBook disappear?

  4. You should video blog more often – it adds more reality to what you’re talking about! And, what a great collection of rubber ducks in the background – I only know a few guys who actually have such a large collection! Love reading, and watching – keep it up !!

    1. I figure people have enough of reality without me adding to it. 😉

      I’ve even got a few Southern Decadence ducks up on that shelf. I should probably video blog about my ducks. Everyone loves the ducks.

  5. I loved the video blog. It was really nice to hear your voice…you sound great. I thought there would be more of an accent. I’m thinking of how Brettcajun sounds. The only time I hear one is when you said “I hope y’all will have a good weekend.” All in all is just made you even more hot, and cute, and nice ……I agree with the sexy and adorable comments.

    1. I’m from Florida originally, which might explain the lack of accent. But I’ve picked up a few words and phrases since I’ve lived in Arkansas.

      *blush* and thank you.

  6. I liked it very much!!! Definitely something different for you. As for the “twitching”, I really didn’t notice any twitches other than those caused by your Tourette’s.

  7. 1. You’re voice is fine.
    2. You are SO cute… and we have the same style of glasses (IRL, not in my comicbook version).
    3. Maybe next time you can show us around your shop and tell us a story about the ducks on the shelf, or something else of interest… like the process for designing a tattoo?

    Love you Erik

    1. 1. Thank you.
      2. Thank you. And aren’t they a great pair of frames?
      3. Those seem to be the top requests so far, so I think maybe another video might be in order. Some day. 😉

  8. YAY!!! Add me to the list of admirers. I too expected an accent, but since you weren’t born in Arkansas, it makes sense that you wouldn’t have one. I want a sequel!!

  9. The vlog entry was way cool.

    I enjoyed seeing it, and seeing you a few times in New Orleans over the weekend of Decadence.

    Looking forward to the story of the ducks.

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