23 thoughts on “Pondering Padlocks

  1. In the circles I travel in, those padlocks denote ownership and I’ve been around long enough to believe that those with a lock are either not available and/or permission would need to be obtained if one wanted to get feisty with them. Of course, the latest generation may just wear them because they think they’re pretty (the lock, not the wearer).

    1. J.P. you are correct: the padlock means owners and the Master holds the key. I love my boy collar and the Masters who own me

  2. It means he pwned! His master has the key.

    But for this guy it’s probably just a fashion statement.

    Now, what I like is a master lock as a PA. That’s fuckin HOT!

    1. CW, it’s not as comfortable as one would think. Locks aren’t that smooth and the most minor of scratches can hurt your urethreal lining. Ummmm, not that i would know anything about that. LMAO!

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